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Seminars and Courses:

Hebrew Shamanism, The Wisdom of the Kabbalah, The Secrets of the Sacred Letters, The Consciousness of Dreaming, Egyptian Initiation, Working with Entities, Healing

With Nature

Working with the intelligence of nature, Initiation through Nature, Healing with the powers of Nature, Retreats.

Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual and energetic work through the encounter with nature, Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites, Connection to Nature as a Healing Force


Shmuel Shaul is a leading lecturer and gives lectures in miscellaneous fields. Shmuel had a column in the Spiritual Magazine ‘Different Life’ for more than 10 years, where he wrote more than 100 articles

About Nehara

Shmuel gives seminars and courses in Hebrew Shamanism which is a field that combines the Shamanic approach with the wisdom of the Kabbalah. In the seminars the participants can develop their skills in working at different levels of consciousness and dimensions. The basic techniques are based on the knowledge of the secret letters, the wisdom of the Hebrew language, the Tree of Life, and the 4 levels of reality in Kabbalah.

Shmuel also specializes in working with the Dream Consciousness, he teaches the Shamanistic approach of how to work with dreams. He has much experience in personal and collective practice with thousands dreams.

For more than 16 years Shmuel has been considered a professional authority in working with the energies, spirits and intelligence of nature. He performs initiation and healing processes with nature. He leads spiritual journeys and pilgrimages all over the world

Shmuel broadcasts regularly with leading broadcaster Liat Regev in a special program in the “Essence of Life” radio, which deals with actuality through a spiritual view.

In this site you can find information about Samuel’s activities, come across interesting articles and get an impression from the Photo gallery of the uniqueness of the journeys and seminars that Shmuel performs in Israel and all over the world.

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