Hebrew Shamanism

Integration of the Shamanic approach with the wisdom of the Kabbalah


A weekend Seminar
Instructed by Shmuel Shaul

The skill of the shaman is the movement between the worlds, and the immediate encounter with the different layers of the reality. This encounter is always direct and exclusive, since the shaman does not operate according to a fixed pattern, but agrees to go to the un-known, meeting the reality as it is.

The task of the shaman is therefore based on experiencing the moment, which is always authentic, real and exceeds imagination.

Hebrew Shamanism is the integration of the shamanic approach with the wisdom of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah teaches the Shaman the principles of creation, it gives him an exact description of the different layers of reality, codes and passwords to move between the world, the symbolism of the 4 winds, and any other tools that the shaman needs to fulfill his service and goal.

The main tools of the kabbalah are based on the knowledge of the tree of life and the secret of the 22 Hebrew letters.

During the course, we will practice the shaman’s approach; we will study the different layers of the reality according the Kabbalah, the symbolism of the 4 winds, and we will see how we can integrate this knowledge and practice into our daily life.

Main topic of the seminar

  • Practice of the shaman’s approach
  • The intention in the world of the shaman
  • Introduction to the tree of life
  • The division of the 4 according to the Kabbalah: 4 worlds, 4 winds, 4 animals of the Merkaba, 4 Archangels, act.
  • Introduction to the knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters
  • The name of god
  • Hebrew names and phrases which are used as codes and passwords
  • Integration of this knowledge to our daily life.

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