The secret of the Sacred Hebrew Letters

Including the Sacred letters meditation – A weekend Workshop


Instructed by Shmuel Shaul

According to the Kabalistic tradition, the world was created with the forces of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the sacred language. According to this philosophy each of the 22 letters is a channel who manifests unique light, abundance and power. Each of the letters has also a spiritual meaning, energy, and qualities which are presented in its form, name, in its position in the sequence of the letters and its numerical value.

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the letters, one needs to unfold and discover the deep secrets which are hidden in each letter. Apart from the spiritual meaning and energy of each letter the Kabalistic tradition ascribes great importance to the different combinations of the letters, Because according to this each combination which forms a word is not just a tool for communication, but mainly a description of a spiritual situation.

In order to learn and experience the power of the Hebrew letters one can discover the secret information of each letter and practice a special meditation technique which will awaken the internal power and forces of the letters. In order to accomplish this one does not have to know the Hebrew language. It is enough to study the forms of the letters in order to activate the light and the energy of it.

Apart from the secret of each individual letter, there is a great importance in the sequence of the letters. The sequence from the first letter to the last one describes a process of creation and the sequence from the last letter to the first one describes a process of ascension. The sequence of the letter also teaches us the structure of the different Kabalistic worlds and dimension and helps to reveal the secret of creation.

During the workshop we will study the forms of the 22 sacred letters, their spiritual meaning, power and qualities, and we will experience the amazing powers of the letter with the special Sacred Letter Meditation. This wonderful tool creates great expansion of consciousness and connects the practitioner to joy, bliss, love and vitality. It works simply and wonderfully.

Main topic of the workshop

  • Learning the Letters – form, name, numerical value
  • The Sacred letter meditations – part A and B
  • Spiritual meaning of each letter,
  • The secret of the sequence from the first to the last letter.
  • The secret of the sequence from the last to the first letter.
  • The four worlds of the Kabala

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May all sentient beings be happy.

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