Walking in the Pardes – Hebrew Shamanism

exploring and revealing the 4 levels of reality


Instructed by Shmuel Shaul

The skill of the shaman is the movement between the worlds, and the immediate encounter with the different layers of the reality. This encounter is always direct and exclusive, since the shaman does not operate according to a fixed pattern, but agrees to go to the un-known, meeting the reality as it is.

The task of the shaman is therefore based on experiencing the moment, which is always authentic, real and exceeds imagination.

The Hebrew Shamanism is base on the deep knowledge of the Kabbalah and its description of the cosmos. According to the Kabbalah there are 4 level of reality which the Hebrew words Pardes describe them, the 4 levels are the physical level which includes the emotional and mental level, the energetical level, the symbolical level and the high spiritual level. The skill of the shaman is to work with all this level contemporaneity. We call this skill ‘walking in the Pardes’.

The high spiritual level is the most subtle one and in it carries with itself the secret of life and the intention of creation. One who works in this subtle level can transform any dark into light; can develop unconditional love to all sentient being.

The first step in the initiation of the Shaman is to work with conscious level of the dreams.

According to the shamanic approach, the state of dreaming is the most accessible gateway of the human consciousness. Therefore, in the beginning of his initiation, the shaman learns how to work with his dreaming consciousness. He learns the language of his dreams, its inner layers, and the different dimensions of it.

The following step is to enter the Pardes, the 4 levels of reality, and start work with them, for this he learn: To activate the different energetical bodies (Merkaba), to move between the worlds, to discover the occult and to learn to work with the intention of the spiritual level.

In the seminar we will study and practice the skills of the shaman, and the possibility to walk in the Pardes. We will integrate the work into our daily life and we will see how useful, important and utile it is. At last these skills and knowledge will give us the opportunity to help and heel other people.

One, who walks at the Pardes, does it for the benefit of all sentient beings.


  • Working with dream consciousness
  • Activating the Merkaba body
  • Walking in the Pardes – The different levels of reality
  • Shamanic technique to move between the worlds
  • The intention in the spiritual world
  • The tree of life and tree of the Sfirot and The Hebrew letters
  • Working with the different qualities of the light
  • Ceremonies in Shamanic world

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May all sentient beings be happy.

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