The longest day of the year

the summer solstice

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Soon on the 21st of June we celebrate the Summer Solstice; it is a very important and unique moment of the year, in this day in the northern hemisphere we have the longest day and the shortest night of the year. There is much light and very little darkness, this means we have the potential to see, and especially see things that we cannot see in the other days of the year.

The most beautiful metaphor for this moment is climbing a mountain. From the top of the mountain we can see things that we cannot see from the below, in the Summer Solstice is like we arrive to the top of the mountain and we can see things that we cannot see from below, the other days of the year. When we go down from the top we stop seeing, so it is very important to remember what we have seen in the top. Try to imagine a man who walks in nature and he does know the exact path, then in order to seethe path he climbs to the top of a mountain from where he can see every single details of this path. While he is going back down he again does not see the path, but now he remembers what he has seen in the top and find is way easily.

So in this day we have the ability to see and we obliged to remember.

It is also useful to understand the difference between the qualities of Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice. In the shortest day of the year in the winter there is very little light and much dark, so the potential is to discover. Please be aware to the difference of this to different qualities, to discover and to see. In discovering we have to look for the unseen with the intention to unveil it, in seeing we have just to see what is already unveiled. In discovering we are breaking through, revealing, in seeing we have to trust and obey to what we see.

Today most of us leaving in a religious cultures that do not celebrate anymore the Summer Solstice, I really recommend you to perform a ceremony and celebrate it. Making fire in sunrise is the best way to celebrate it, also the sunset is a very good time, and if you cannot make it in one of these 2 times of the day, please make your own ceremony whenever you can.


May all sentient beings be happy

Shmuel Shaul


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