Love journey in Israel

Klaus is a very dear and good friend from Tamera community in Portugal, here he shares some of is experience from a journey in Israel


Love journey in Israel

In the beginning there was a dream.

– I stood at a harbour and the waves came near the wall …
– I walked on the beach and there where high waves approaching but far enough to walk calmly out of the area ….
– stood at the beach and a wave like 20m high was in front of me standing still …

The journey:

Arriving near Netanya in a nice little wood-house a sofa outside.
To see her filled my heart with joy. Receiving her energy, her look, her words, her smile, the kisses, hugs … the smell of the body the lust coming and flourishing in the body.

Wine from the heart and the lips.
Words about the moment, what is happening in near moments. Are you ready to open?

Sylvester evening in the North … a friend asked:
How are you doing it that this beautiful woman is in love with you?
I answered: Please ask her.
I did not know what to say in this moment .. what is it?
Being open without fear, with respect, showing what you like, soul and mindful talks, honouring the other being also beyond sex but enjoying sex?

So much to say, what triggers trust and love…

Sylvester fire outside on wet ground with jackals around and an owl flying by.
We burned old things, welcoming the New …
embracing the world, wishes for peace and love, for awakening, for free love, love with truth … putting down walls .. the walls of fear and hatred … no more egoistic and jealous gods, no more separation between people, between nations, between the genders …

Back to the house with champagne and joy, laughing and good talks, pictures of love, no more old traps … and then we slept and dreams came .. warm body and heart near, next to each other.

The desert:

Approaching the desert it felt like the energy of civilization cannot enter. As if the desert does not allow things to enter, it has its own elementary energy. I was near to tears, the heart opens deeper, the soul feels naturally embedded in the higher order of nature and the universe.
Travelling like friends of ages, warm in heart and soul.
I remember her saying on a walk when we met before:
I think it would be amazing to travel with you, I feel already that this will be good …. and it is.
Soul nourishing biblical food: wine, water, cheese, bread and olives …

Eilat in the warm pools, pure enjoyment for body and soul. Eros is rising in the warm water and the joyful dolphins outside. Incredible creatures, pure joy of matter and spirit.
Holy words, deep from sacred sources rolling from the hearts wisdom, finding the connection … no fear, no fear only trust. The soul is deeply touched and tears came:
The salt of the eyes flowing in releasing water, tiny crystals of light on the small shores of the drops ways shining for a second in the sun.
Water is intimacy in matter like the baby in the womb in water, sacred intimacy in the waters of the body and the waters of love and Eros, pure information of joy and intimacy.
What is a tsunami – the eruption of long blocked intimacy. The eruption of the bursting love of the worlds heart … tears and water, water …

In En Gedi we sat outside on the terrace and some people walked by asking for the way.
Yes, what is the way? The way to shelter, the way to peace, the way to a warm home, the way to adventures, the way to love, the way to god, where do you like to go?

Where to find the map of inner development, the map to god, to the soul of other persons, to the soul of the beloved ? What is this longing to each other ?
The warmth of the body has the magical aura of trust.

If we come close what language do we understand and what language do we need?
Deep communication in moments of trust, being able to say everything coming to the mind, coming into feeling. Are there fears or is there a feeling of trust ? What pictures arising in moments of intimacy ? How can we heal the world with this energy ?
What is it when people feel separated. What makes love often so complicated ? Can we listen to the Other ?
There are walls we have to cross, to pull down. How much courage is needed to overcome mistrust Please share, share everything what is inside and the lust goes deeper, the Eros finds a deeper ground and the soul is joyfully excited.
The lingering sounds of this moments often crystallize in emotions. Like the two dimensional memory of the real soul and heart feeling and the ego speaks: I want to have this back ..

New things are in the presence of the day asking for being present … be present …

So many kisses, hugs, tenderness, warm hearted Eros, the wish for Eros in nature.
So many words, including the world situation, wishing to spread this feelings, openings, mindfulness to wherever it is needed. We lived Eros also in thoughts and words expressed through the voice of the heart, the soul and lust.

With a thank to all woman and the country …

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