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Love encounter in 4 Levels


ILA was founded in 2014 by Isabella Bodino and Shmuel Shaul. After 21 years of teaching Shmuel decided to integrate the shamanic approach and the Kabbalistic Wisdom, which he taught for many years, to the art of love. Together with Isabella, who carries an ancient feminine knowledge, and teaches women how to free and heal their femininity, they found an academy with the intention to bring new education in the field of love and sexuality.

For a very long period teaching about love and sexuality is not part of the education programs. No body teaches us how love, how to really see each other deeply, and we do not receive any teaching about sexuality the beautiful art of it. Instead the patriarchal system and the Taboo about sex issues that is part of so many cultures block the flow of love and sexuality in our daily life. Violence, abuses, ignorance and fears creates so much pain and suffering in this field, and so many people are unsatisfied and not fulfilled in there love and sexual relationships.

Only a new education can create the opportunity to develop deep intimacy, profound love, and in a deeper level open the gates into sacred love and sacred sexuality.


The main intention of ILA is bring this new education, to teach love encounter in 4 levels of consciousness and to lead the people in the path towards Sacred Love and Sexual Love.


In wider and whole view the intention of ILA is:

  • Teach Love encounter in 4 levels of consciousness
  • Give education in the field of love and sexuality for all ranges of society
  • Heal the heart and help it to be fully open
  • Liberate the sexual energy
  • Heal the Feminine and Masculine energies
  • offer initiation path towards sacred love
  • offer initiation path towards sacred sexuality
  • Connect the art of love with nature and the consciousness of Mother Earth
  • Create piece between the genders
  • Support people in their spiritual path and help them to fulfill their service
  • Help to create new model and form for society which will substitute the patriarchal system
  • Create new field of universal love

The teaching of ILA combines the Shamanic Approach with the Wisdom of the Kabbalah, Ancient Egyptian knowledge and Tribal Ancient Wisdom.

The Shamanic approach is to have an intermediate encounter with reality in its all level and all realms. The skill of the shaman is to pass between the worlds and explore them. In the shamanism tradition a real teaching is always through experience, so the Shaman go into a journey and explore the world.

In the journey the shaman never sticks to methods or a set of techniques, he/she has the ability to move freely in all realms of creation and use different tools and knowledge in order to discover, search and research.

In our seminar we give this wonderful opportunity to explore the field of love and sexuality in all the levels of reality.

In the Kabalistic wisdom there are 4 levels of realty which are created from the infinite source of life. The Kabbalah gives an exact description of these levels. The final goal in the Kabbalah is develop the skill to experience those 4 levels contemporary.

In ILA we teach how to integrate this knowledge into love and sexual encounter. We teach how to love and make love in a:

  • physical level,
  • emotional and mental level,
  • energetic level
  • Spiritual level

This teaching is so beautiful and the possibility to love in 4 levels of reality brings so much joy, vitality, life energy and it is also connects us to the sources of eternal and heavenly love.

The Kabbalah teaches that there is an infinite light; infinite love, that means that in love encounter, we always can go deeper into higher levels of love. It is a path of evolution, we never get bored from our partner as there is always the possibility to explore more, and go into deeper levels of intimacy and love. Then sexuality becomes a beautiful way to explore the endless secrets of reality.


In ILA seminars we develop the skill how to love and make love in 4 levels of reality, and at the same time we go into a deep process of purify our hearts and open it fully.

Usually we bring into relationships all our bad memories, old pains from the past, frustrations, bitterness, lack of self-confidence, lack pf self-estimate, fears and all our needs, fantasies and projections. All those limit our possibilities to have a deep encounter. Then while entering into a deep love encounter it is so important to understand our personal challenge in it, and to realize that this is also an important part of our spiritual path. Walking in this path of healing, purring, transforming our heart and open it fully is a necessary part towards deep intimacy and sacred love.

In our seminars we help people:

  • to discover their personal challenge,
  • walk in the path of healing and transformation
  • overcome fears
  • open their hearts


The energetic field that surround our daily life is based on fear and control, it influence strongly our daily life, because in this kind of field our instinct will be usually to look for powers and security. The consciousness of survival will dominate our life in a physical level but not only, also in the emotional and mental level. In ILA we have a deep intention to replace this field with a field of universal love that will be for the benefit of all beings. When many people will walk in the path of love, and will choose love and not power, love and not security, then together we will create a new field of universal love that will embrace all of us and will help us to create a better world for us and for the next generations.


The will of ILA is to give teaching to all range of society. We work with adults from all ages, nations and cultures. We already gave teaching to young teenagers, and we found there a real need to this type of education. We work with married couples, people who are in relationship and also singles. We did a beautiful and deep exploration while working with homosexuals and lesbians, and we found very interesting path with people who practice monogamy and with those who live in free relationship.

In ILA we do not bring any dogma, our main approach is: to meet, to create encounter, and then create it in all levels of reality, to open our heart and go deeper and deeper towards deep love, deep intimacy, till we experience sacred love, scared sexuality, till we experience unity, till we become one.




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